We take for granted the unconditional love and attention a parent showers on us, which we in turn only then indirectly reciprocate by loving our own children just the same.


The paradox of our lives is that as adults we are in general too busy to simply stop and wonder at parents who have made us the focus of their lives. We assume we know them, and frequently begrudge their counsel.


My intimate involvement in the editing and formatting of Remembering who I am has provided me with an opportunity to pause . . . to look through this open window into my mother’s life, to savour her essence and values.


This autobiography includes her creative writing as well as selections from earlier diaries, spanning a period of over ninety years lived in India, Israel and Australia.


Her upbringing, choices, friendships, and struggle to succeed, speak for themselves.


This work is both a celebration of her life and an affirmation of the inherent goodness of the human spirit.



Rabbi Dr Isaac S. Mordecai